Why are non-alcoholic drinks sometimes refered to as mocktails? The word comes from the English word 'mock', which simply means to imitate a cocktail. In this christmas-y creation, our spicy vintermumma is accompanied by espresso and mint. Yuummmmyyyyyy!

5 cl Vintermumma
One espresso or 5 cl strong coffee
1,5 cl polka syrup
Crushed candycanes 

How to:
Fill a shaker with ice. Add Vintermumma, coffee and polka syrup. Shake until cold. Serve in a highball glass with lots of ice. Decorate with crushed candycanes.

Polka syrup: Boil 2,5 dl water, 2 dl sugar and 1 dl crushed candycanes until it has dissolved. Let cool. Enjoy!

The recipe was developed by Tommi Komljenovic, winner of Bartender of the Year 2019.


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