In our hands, the fruit that would otherwise be wasted becomes tasty and sustainable juices, smoothies, chips and other goodies. We peel, sort and wash each of them. Bruised parts are cut off. Then we get to the good part! We squeeze the juicy drops from the fruit and they turn into kickass products! The tiny portion of leftovers from the production turn into soil, so that new fruit and vegetables can grow. Sometimes we have to purchase fruit in order to save fruit! Let's say that we managed to rescue 400 kg of oranges, but to make a batch of orange juice we need 500 kg of oranges. We're missing 100 kg, what do we do? We turn to our fruit rescue-friends and purchase the last 100 kg of course! That way we're able to rescue a big amount of oranges that otherwise would have been wasted. Season and availability rules, which is why taste and color may vary from one time to another. Good thing we love variety and honest products. Good for both you and the planet!