90% of all fruit imported to the Nordic countries arrives at the so-called "fruit harbour" in Helsingborg. This is also where Rscued's journey began a couple of years ago. Geographically, it gives us a great starting point to be able to achieve our vision of rescuing as much fruit as possible!

The fruit rescue-factory is the heart and soul of our business. Here, we sort fruits and vegetables by hand. That may sound old-fashioned, but it's actually true. In fact, it would probably have been a lot cheaper to throw away the raw materials we receive instead of saving them. But there is no planet B!

In our factory, we also produce some of our own products such as juices and shots. We press fruit and berries, peel bananas and make purees. No day at the fruit-factory is like the next. We never know what kind of fruit and how much of it we'll recieve. That's why the Rscued-patrol is always ready to save any fruit that needs rescuing!

Do you have fruit and veggies that need to be rescued?