It must be very expensive to save fruit, right?
Yes, it is. Especially since we rescue fruit and vegetables that no one else wants. This means that we peel, wash and sort tons of fruits with our bare hands. It's an incredible craft, but you could also say that we choose to make juice the hard way. We are last in line before fruit and vegetables become food waste. Every single one of our products is the sweet fruit of hard work, commitment and a strong belief that we can reduce food waste. 


Where do you get the fruit and vegetables from?
Fruit and vegetable wholesalers, grocery stores, farmers, fruit basket suppliers and villa gardens. 

Are your products made of old fruit and vegetables? 

No, the opposite! Usually, it's a small percent of a huge party of fruit that doesn't meet the high quality requirements. Unfortunately, that's enough to throw away all of it even though the majority is completely fine to consume. We peel, wash and sort tons of fruit and vegetables by hand. The good parts turn into juice, smoothies and chips. The fruit and vegetables that end up in our products, turn into compost soil, so that new fruit can grow. 


How much fruit do you save?
It varies, but it's usually several tons per week. 


Why do you not only use rescued fruit?
Sometimes we have to purchase fruit in order to save fruit! Imagine how boring it would be if we couldn't spice up our rescued apple juice with some ginger? When in need, we simply buy fruit from our fruit friends. It's all about gaining financial sustainability and building a flexible fruit rescue-factory so that we're always ready to rescue whatever needs to be rescued! 


Where can I buy your juices?
Send an email to hej@rscued.se and tell us where you live and we will help you!


Why do your juices taste different from time to time?

Unfortunately we can't control what kind of fruit and vegetables we receive. Everything depends on the season, variety and ripeness of the fruit. Good thing we love variety and honest products! 


Are your drinks pasteurized?


Why do your drinks last so long without additional substances and extra sugar?
Pasteurization is the key! We heat all drinks during production to make them last longer, that way we contribute to reducing food waste! 

Are your drinks lactose, gluten free and vegan?
They totally are!